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  • Secrets to more effective communication and a more productive and commited team
  • Proper Requirements Management (Agile, iterative and incremental or traditional (e.g., waterfall) methodology)
  • How to effectively manage and control a project/program’s scope through requirements management
  • How to reduce your hours and stress on a project/program and get more done in less time
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"Eddie must be doing something very right! In an area where many others continue to struggle, he has a proven track record of successfully managing a wide variety of technology projects. In this Guide, he shares some of the secrets to his success in very practical ways from which many people in the field can no doubt benefit." Robinson I. Akiri,  Project Management Professional (PMP)

"You have provided the software development and project management communities with an excellent guide for improving project success... Your trainings explain the processes needed to effectively implement Configuration Management in an organization..."
Dave Nesbit,  PMP President Advanced Project Management Associates, Inc.
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